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Partners: Orderly Software

Orderly Software specialise in telephony applications, particularly those that interface with the Asterisk switching and private branch exchange open source software.

Their principle program allows call center customers to keep their place in the call queue if the call canter is busy and to call back at an appointed time into a waiting slot for immediate connection. They also have statistics tools to analyse the effectiveness of call centers.

More information can be found at Orderly Software

Metafore have been assisting Orderly Software with Search Engine Optimisation to move their website up the Google's search results. In February 2010 they came 69th when searching for 'asterisk call center statistics'. As of July 2010 they are 8th which displays on the first page of results. The next phase is to be found for the phrase 'asterisk call center' - in February 2010 they were 242nd, moving up to 49th in July 2010.