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Macintosh Software

Metafore Software Design have specialised in developing software for Apple Macintosh since our inception. Our first printer drivers were written before there was any Apple documentation on how to implement them (the only passing reference was "don't do it - it will take you years". In fact it took about a man year to reverse-engineer Apple's LaserWriter and we supplied Pisa Graphics and Mitsubishi with the first colour printer drivers outside of Apple. We have applied this attitude to all our Macintosh projects, attending many of Apple's World Wide Developers Conferences and Kitchens* to ensure that we stay up to date with the latest technologies. We have helped clients through the hurdles of preparing for the introduction of System 7 and of course Mac OS X. In doing so we have become expert on low level machine code, compiled languages such as C, C++ and Objective C and environments from MPW then CodeWarrior to XCode, Interface Builder and UNIX shells.

Metafore are therefore able to provide Macintosh solutions from simple tools to sophisticated custom applications.

*Kitchens - Apple's term for demonstrating new technologies and APIs to select developers in a classroom with the engineers that wrote them.