Metafore Software Title


Metafore's color printer drivers have shipped with many different color printers over the past twenty plus years, including:
  • SuperMac: ProofPositive and Splash (CPSI based RIP and PhotoShop export module).
  • Fargo: Primera, PrimeraPro, Pictura (QuickDraw drivers and complete CPSI RIPs), FotoFun, Pro-L ID Card Printer, HDP710/720 (QuickDraw drivers)
  • Canon: BJC-820, CJ-10, FP-510 (QuickDraw drivers with proprietary color management system). Canon have purchased source code from Metafore and continue to base their printer drivers on Metafore's technology.
  • Kodak: XL7700, XL7720.
  • Panasonic: 8018, 8543, CF-T103.
  • Seiko: Personal ColorPoint, PhotoMaker.
  • Mitsubishi: G650, G370, S340.
  • Sony: UP-D7000.
  • Sharp: JX-730
  • Shinko: CHC-445, S445
  • Primera: Signature I, II & III CD Color Printers, HDP & DTC ID Card Printers.
  • NEC: SuperScript Color 3000.
  • Hitachi: VY5000.
  • HBM: Duplo DP-43.
as well as several Mac OS X printer drivers for major printer manufacturers that Non Disclosure Agreements disallow us from publicising.

Metafore have written a suite of applications to support faxing for Glenwarne Ltd. These ship under the FaxExpress and FaxElite brand names and facilitate faxing on Macintosh.

Metafore have ported Windows PostScript applications to Macintosh for Image Technology