Metafore Software Title

Company Overview

Metafore Software Design was formed by Chris Wood and John Marshall in 1987 as an Apple Macintosh software development company. Both have extensive experience as graphics software developers, and early on recognized a need for quality, high performance software for the color printer market. To this end Metafore developed core software technologies which were licensed to OEM customers providing them with a high quality product which could be customised to their specifications and then quickly brought into the marketplace. Metafore also provides consulting services to our licensees.

John left Metafore in 1996 to pursue other interests in the States and Dolores who had joined the team in 1992 became a full partner. Metafore closed their offices in Sunnyvale CA in 1996 and moved the English office from the home counties to Devon in 1999. This facilitated a life style change allowing Chris and Dolores to home educate the younger children. Several Metafore employees went on to found their own successful IT companies.

Metafore's focus is now on iOS, developing social apps and exploring how Apple's iPhone and iPad can be used for early learning. Metafore continue to provide solutions for high end printers on Macintosh as well as assisting customers to move their products to the Macintosh platform, provide web design and search engine optimisation services.